Koya Law LLC® is a boutique law firm representing trading and investment firms in the negotiation, evaluation, and documentation of complex trading and financing arrangements.

We regularly assist clients with ISDA Master Agreements, derivatives clearing agreements, derivatives intermediation agreements, confirmations for complex OTC derivative instruments, prime brokerage agreements, custodial arrangements, collateral agreements, multi-product master netting agreements, commodity transactions, repurchase agreements, and securities lending agreements.

We consult on and develop institutional quality derivatives trading policies and procedures and conduct in-house training courses focused on reducing operational risks.

In addition to our team’s 30 plus years of experience, you will be impressed with our practical approach and knowledge of the trading and operational needs and challenges facing trading and investment firms. Our attorneys’ experiences range from managing the finance and treasury team at a large trading firm, helping to establish the derivatives clearing function at a leading bank, to serving as day to day counsel on-site for a leading fixed income trading desk.